This page will be used to upload documents related to my research, in English and Spanish, both mine and from other authors. Aquí encontrará documentos relativos a mi investigación, en inglés y en español, tanto míos como de otros autores.

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Mi libro “Un nuevo modelo de desarrollo local”. Es un poco técnico, ya lo aviso de antemano. Si aún hay loc+s como yo que sigan prefiriendo el papel, también lo tienen accesible, en este caso a cambio de una módica cantidad de euros que permiten que sigan existiendo imprentas. Se puede adquirir impreso aquí:–9788461600861.html. Y para descargar libre y gratuitamente, pueden hacerlo on-line aquí : (2012) (ES).

Economía de la felicidad (conferencia del autor) (2014) (ES):


Un nuevo contrato social (conferencia del autor) (2015) (ES):

Un nuevo contrato social Enero de 2015 final PDF

Paper on Community Foundations in Iberian Peninsula. Case of CF in Iberian Peninsula – Hernandez Renner et al – “Regional Helix 2016” International Conference, Castelo Branco, Portugal. (EN):

Case of CF in Iberian Peninsula – Hernandez Renner et al – Regional HELIX

Paper sobre instituciones para la innovación y el desarrollo rural. Foro de Innovación Rural – Moraleja, España, 2016 (ES)

Instituciones y desarrollo e innovación local – Modelo Maimona – AHR

Artículo “Extremadura 2030: innovación o extinción”. Diario HOY de Extremadura – 28 de enero de 2018

Paper sobre la teoría efectual para la formación en emprendimiento. AFIDE International Conferenca. Córdoba, España. Septiembre de 2019.

Paper FINAL Efectuación y formación emprendimiento AHR et al- AFIDE 2019


Easterlin paradox:

Easterlin-in Paul A. David and Melvin W. Reder, eds., Nations and Households in Economic Growth – Academic Press, Inc.

The Hippies were right all along about happiness (Oswald, article published in the Finantial Times, 19 January 2006):

Hippies were right about happyness – Oswald

Beyond Money: Toward an Economy of Well-Being (Ed Diener and Martin E.P. Seligman):


Doing the right thing: Measuring wellbeing for public policy (Forgeard et al.)

DeepDive_Doing the Right Thing – Forgeard et al. 2011

Rebalancing society (Henry Mintzberg). Downloaded from

rebalancing_society_pamphlet Mintzberg

Meadows Memorandum : “this is a sketch of a strategy to create thatdifferent future: an economy that works for 100% of humanity, and preserves the ecological systems necessary to sustain life. We offer this alternative:True freedom and success depend on creating a world where individuals flourish and we all prosper.Governmentsserve humanity best when they recognize our individual dignity and enhance our interconnectedness. To thrive, businesses and society must pivot toward a new purpose: shared well-being on a healthy planet.The world has become unstable economically, environmentally, and socially. The demand for a new economic model is growing louder around theworld. Join us to craft a finer future”:

Honoring the 50th anniversary of E.F. Schumacher’s book Small is Beautiful  in 2023, the Schumacher Center commissioned this updated study guide from British author and Journalist David Boyle. A landmark of the modern environmental movement, the book’s eminently logical argument for an economics in which people and the planet truly matter has inspired countless readers: