Authors and Rules

Happynomics.NET is administrated by Alejandro Hernández Renner, who lives in Zafra, Spain. Alejandro holds a PhD degree in economics and business science, a master´s degree in Law, and is a Spanish native speaker, so please do not be too strict about the quality of the English language you may find in this wiki. This choice for a non-mother tongue was made in order to facilitate the flow of ideas globally.

The Happynomics Community is totally open and constituted by anybody interested in this issue. Anybody can be an author. If you want to write at Happynomics.NET, please bear in mind that the only strict rules are: (1) you may not use this wiki to address other’s opinions in an umpolite way, (2) you are kindly asked to provide information that is accurate and correctly referenced to its author and/or source; and (3) ALL original contents at Happynomics (not those referenced, which could be under copyright protection) are free, under protection of CC 3.0 license (Creative Commons Licence

Thank you for participating, and for respecting these rules. If you want to include information at Happynomics.NET, please e-mail Alejandro at or contact in Twitter @ahrenner. This wiki is really meant to be built in a collaborative way, so any input is welcome, just please respect the 3 rules. You may also find information (discontinued) at FB:

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